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About Us

Our Vision is to shelter, love and take care of senior citizens, empower destitute women and provide education to children, thereby creating a protected community for them.

Old Age Homes

With our evolving socio-economic trend, such as increasing job-related relocations that men/women are empowered to actively contribute to economy, more nuclear households altering social norms of elder care in the family is seen.

Despite the dire need, elder care in India is still largely neglected and the development of the ecosystem is primitive.

Saranalayam old age home will provide a safe environment with continuous care to its senior citizens (58+) and creates an opportunity to closely bond with other residents that helps develop a sense of belonging. To cultivate unity/amity among themselves the residents are encouraged to participate in activities that Trust deems appropriate for their physical and mental well-being. We plan to construct the homes as per the below:

  • 8 grounds will be dedicated for resident homes. 650sq.ft/room approx. for 15 rooms with attached bath/water heaters for old age couple. In addition, a) Separate dormitories/single beds for single male& female residents/ washrooms & bath b) 3 rooms to accommodate any sick residents.

  • Sit out garden/water fountain stretch just outside the resident rooms for a relaxing view.

  • 2 grounds common dining area. Meals will be served in rooms for residents who find it difficult to walk.

  • 1000 sq ft for an emergency clinic/regular doctor visits for residents scheduled medical consultation and assessment.

  • Security cameras to oversee and monitor will be a top priority.

  • Consent forms from families and background verification will also be conducted before admission.

Image by Nappy

We will consult a nutritionist to plan a balanced 3 meal - snacks/beverages. The residents have a chance to spend much of the day outdoors and take part in nursery gardening or to care for their own gardens, if they choose to have any. Additional activities on request by residents will also be considered that deems appropriate keeping in mind of their well-being.

Drawing a Straight Line


Trust aims to nurture young children and help them reach their full potential through good education system of day school from LKG – 12th standard. The day school will be serving to support children where there is no access to any education. Trust appointed members will speak to each kids' family and ensure their commitment (via a bare minimal fees) and their sole support in sending them to school.

Each class will hold a capacity of 25-30 children. The school syllabus / teachers will be scheduled/appointed by Government guidelines. Teachers will be specially trained in advocacy / awareness raising regarding the need for education in building a better society.

  • 6 grounds will be dedicated for school, with 2-3 floors as appropriate.

  • Each classroom min size 500 sq ft.

  • Computer lab – min 10 computers

  • Recreation hall for extracurricular activities.

  • One ground will be utilized for play area.

  • School size will be determined based on the locality and how many children require education.

  • The design / sq mt allotment per student seat, washrooms will all be done with government education norms and guidelines.

Estimate 1 Acre
18.5 grounds

Cost Estimate
85 L

Old Age Home
8 grounds

6 grounds

Destitute Women
4 grounds

Destitute Women & Sustainability

Destitute woman refers to women without adequate support, left alone without care or has no independent source of livelihood or is not being looked after by any family member/relative. The trust intends to care and create employment opportunity for such women and empower to be independent if they choose to.

Trust intends to utilize the remining space and build additional floors as required for destitute women / house keeping staff etc. We aim to develop sustainability by empowering women through self employment that can contribute and maintain after any donor funding is over.​ Cottage industries training will be scheduled for women and the materials / set up will be provided:

  • Hand made soaps / candles / organic bags eg. Screwpine / cane / coconut fibre.

  • 5th generation South India weavers will be invited to impart weaving training.

  • Vegetable garden

  • Tailoring

All of the above could be distributed to the local market / exhibitions, which gives the women a sense of self identity, belonging and income opportunity.​

Founder : Rekha Benjamin

Phone : 9176287797


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